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There are several paid parking lots near the castle. Click on the pdf documents below to see a map of the city centre with the marked car parks and also the price list.

Paid and unpaid parking options in the city.

Map in pdf



Jindřichův Hradec castle is partly wheelchair accessible. You will see the detailed information after clicking on the sign (Beneath the Czech version) +

The toilets are placed in the I. courtyard. They are wheelchair accessible.
The route from the 1st courtyard to the third one is paved with the round stones (cobbles). The distance between the entrance gate and the center of the 3rd courtyard is 100 m (109,4 yards) and the vertical distance is 7,5 m (ca. 7,5 % ascent of the terrain). The person with the wheelchair without the drive mostly needs help to get up to the 3rd courtyard.
The cash desk and the souvenir shop are placed in the 2nd courtyard. The entrance isn't wheelchair accessible (four steps).
The ground floor of the Adam's building (interiors of the 18th and 19th century) is, with lesser obstacles, accessible for the visitors on the wheelchair. The entrance is in the third courtyard. The main obstacles are three steps in the entrance door - the highest is 15 cm. There is one 10 cm high doorstone (doorsill) between two of the chambers. The other doorsills are lower than 5 cm. The narrowest doorway is 98 cm wide. The music pavilion Rondell (usually the part of the I. tour - Adam's building) is wheelchair accessible. The doorsill of the Rondell's entrance door is 7-8 cm high and the doorway is 127 cm wide. The small park in front of Rondell is accessible from the third courtyard through the side door with the 1 cm high doorsill and of 1 m wide doorway.
The other interiors possibly wheelchair accessible surrounding the third courtyard are the Chapel of Holy Spirit (two steps in the doorway with the height of 10 cm) and the late Gothic Black kitchen. The kitchen's entrance door is 1 m wide and its doorsill is 5-12 cm high - the ground in front of the door is slightly sloped.
The mentioned interiors (ground floor of Adam's building, music pavilion Rondell, Holy Spirit Chapel and the Black kitchen) can be combined and put together in order to create more or less wheelchair accessible tour. The best way how to plan such visit is to write us an e-mail message



Animal companions are allowed in Courtyard I.

If you would like to bring a smaller dog in a basket or other luggage with you to the tour, please contact us by email or phone. Please report your visit to the castle with assistance dogs at the castle ticket office.


When visiting the chateau, you can lock your bicycles to the racks in Courtyards I and II. However, cycling is not allowed in Courtyards II and III and in the park. You can enter the I. courtyard.


The castle in Jindřichův Hradec is located in the city centre and the choice of restaurants is wide.